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As promised, I have now uploaded the abstract for the WMG Doctoral conference – you can read it here.

This week I have submitted a poster Abstract for the Health Protection Agency (HPA) Conference to be held in September at the University of Warwick, on the topic of Hospital Acquired Gastrointestinal Infection (namely Clostridium Difficile).  I hope to be able to attend and discuss this issue with the other delegates, as it represents the very starting point of my PhD research, almost 3 years ago…

The research has come almost full circle now, as I am off to UHCW today to perform my first real active research, which both excites and terrifies me in almost equal measure.  Things are, finally, moving quickly!!

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 My part in the WMG Doctoral Conference yesterday ended up going well – having had a weekend with no voice at all and having to stay somewhat horizontal for 48 hours, this was quite a relief!!

I got asked some great questions at the end of my Presentation, and this has given me plenty to think about, and research further.  I shall be uploading the Conference Abstract later this week.

What was excellent was that the themes of the questions coming out (e.g. Hand Hygiene Quality, Individual Differences in what is “Inherent” etc.) were all things we had touched upon during the course of planning this research, and underpin much of the investigative modes of research we plan to use – underpinning the need to really engage the Healthcare Workers in the debate.  

My next goal now that this Conference has passed is to continue planning for the active research stage, including recruitment which is now underway, and looking at attending two further Conferences later in the year – the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and the Infection Prevention Society (IPS).

I also need to get back out running, having had to miss the race on Sunday…however the weather here is a bit prohibitive at the moment, so tomorrow is looking like a better option.  For the record, tonight I shall be digging in to a rich luxury chocolate cupcake…rewards are essential in research!

Chocolate celebration cake

Cake and Research - natural partners... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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    Monday (16th April) will see the WMG Doctoral Conference: Digital Technologies take place at the IDL, University of Warwick.

IDL - location for WMG Doctoral Conference Image courtesy of WMG SME Team Blog

One of a series of 3 Doctoral Conferences (the other themes being Materials and Manufacturing, and Operations and Management) it is designed to give an opportunity to all the WMG Doctoral students to share their PhD/EngD progress.

I have prepared my abstract now, and am putting the final edge on my Presentation.  Having the “just before lunch” slot I am hopeful that the Q & A session will be short as people’s desire for food overtakes their desire for knowledge….

Once I have presented I will upload the abstract here, and give a bit of a debrief as to how the Presentation was received.

In the meantime my post-Lent return to cakes and a 10k run in Royal Leamington Spa are giving me much needed distraction….!

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