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Out Of Service

A brief post today just to give context to my recent absence from blogging… Since my optimistic double post a month ago, a myriad of events have occurred, some positive, some not so, but all have kept me offline for much of the elapsed period.  I have continued to pop in and out of Twitter, but even that has been more sporadic.  However, work has still been progressing well on my planned papers regarding my PhD research. I am pleased to now have four papers under peer-review.  I look forward to getting feedback from experts in the field, as I see this as a crucial next step in developing the themes and outputs of my work so far.  I am now working on two further papers, which I hope to submit for review by May, all being well.  I’ve also got some very exciting meetings lined up in the next few weeks, which I hope to explain more in future posts. 

AchooCurrent priority/issue occupying my time though is personal infection control.  I am, once again, in quarantine!!  Pesky germs have come back for Round 2.  This time, it’s personal…

 Will return to my blog when back in the land of the fully conscious, and update on progress…

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