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After a great morning spent at UHCW on Friday shadowing the Hand Hygiene Audit process (thank you to my brilliant facilitator!!), the weekend of sunshine was thoroughly enjoyed – strolls down country lanes, a lazy picnic by a duck pond, and a walk through fields of buttercups and growing crops – there are few better ways to keep the energy levels up during a research project, surely…?

 And today kicked off in a similarly good theme, as I have had my Poster Abstract accepted for the Health Protection Agency (HPA) Conference which will take place in September, located here at the University of Warwick. 

My poster, entitled “The Potential Role of Technology to Improve Hand Hygiene Auditing and prevent Hospital Acquired Gastrointestinal Infections” addresses the key question –

Do current technologies measure healthcare professional Hand Hygiene compliance accurately and at appropriate moments, thus helping to reduce Hospital Acquired Gastrointestinal Infections?”

and will provide a ‘story so far’ update as to the research involving Healthcare Professionals this summer at UHCW.

Things are looking good!

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Having (finally!) started to collect data for the Research project I am now at the stage of initial analysis, using a broad brush stroke approach to identify key themes that present themselves in the data – both expected and unexpected.

So far I am using a relatively straight-forward approach, whereby the coding is more Deductive than Inductive – interviews with Participants have been structured to seek clarify and information about key themes already known/suggested to be an issue in the main Research area – Hand Hygiene.  However, as is common when using Qualitative research methodology tools, Participants have been able to add an additional level of richness and context, following up on points they make, going off on tangents, and providing anecdotal examples to illustrate their views.  Thus, a level of Inductive coding is also occurring, whereby themes outside of those initially ‘sought’ are being noted.  I will then have to assess whether the research would benefit from a further exploration into these themes, or whether, whilst interesting, they may provide more of a distraction at the current time.

Whatever I end up doing I have been very pleased with how the research has started, the information being produced appears rich in value to the project, and it has been very rewarding to discuss issues I’ve as yet only researched in a ‘real-world’ context. 

The next 3 weeks will be providing another wave of data for the project, and thus by the end of June a clearer picture of the Inductive/Deductive framework should be possible, allowing me to plan follow-up interviews and Focus Groups accordingly….

That’s the plan, anyway………..the sunshine definitely helps plan making seem easier…!!

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