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Today’s vital boosts….

Another great session at my host research site this morning, made the (very) early start worth it. 

Not only was I met with gloriously happy faces as ever, but gifts!!!  Holiday rock and (homemade and epically tasting) cake from the birthday girl.  Made me feel very special, and rather humble really.  The team I am working with are giving me so much time, support, advice and – perhaps above all – patience as I bombard them with questions, emails and paper, that the additional friendliness and kindness that they add in is just amazing actually.  I shall have to practice my own baking skills to keep them going towards the end of the summer perhaps….it could be a long haul!

After quite a ‘data heavy’ week, tomorrow I have set aside some time for reading, and as part of my background work on Ethnography theory I shall be reading a paper by Iversen (2009) about the skill of “Getting Out” of a field situation.  Vital I’m sure, but I have to question, if they keep providing gifts, where is my incentive to leave…?!

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English: Shiso on spaghetti

Supervisors – a lifeline in the Spaghetti bowl….

I have just this moment written up the last of my Interview transcriptions, taking the total pages of commentary to well over 100, added to another 20 or so pages of Observation notes… It feels like we’re only just starting, yet already well into some fascinating topics.

Collecting more data tomorrow (a rather early start looms for me…) and then next week I have put aside for reflection, then analysis of what has already been done.  This will involve a review with my Academic Supervisor on Monday – always a positive experience, as doing a PhD can sometimes be akin to swimming/drowning in a vat of spaghetti, many threads, and a hard struggle to retain sight of both start and end points… – and then back to Inductive/Deductive Thematic Coding for the rest of the week.

Some interesting technologies regarding Hand Hygiene have also been surfacing recently – thanks to some interesting tweets from @MRSAActionUK and @SafetyInstitute – however I am still unsure as to how such innovations link to achieving compliance monitoring, measurement and feedback at the WHO 5 Moments.  Thus, the research continues………


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A very quick post – just got back from a brilliant morning at UHCW, sitting in on the Infection Control Team training some new starters in various topics, from Asepsis, Sharps Bin construction, PPE usage and, of course, Hand Hygiene.  Absolutely brilliant delivery from both presenters, engaging and packed with information – a whole years worth of training has to be delivered in 2 hours, without slipping into “Death by PowerPoint”, or skimming over details, all of which could potentially prevent cross-infection and thus save lives. Amazing.

Back to write up now, and checked my Twitter feed (@chd05) and was delighted to see two posts relating to/from the BMJ and UHCW both featuring cakes. Seriously. It is great to see that others are finally seeing the vital link between Healthcare, Research and Cake….

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 Whilst it feels like I may have discussed my work a hundred times, the title of the post actually refers to the allocated number for my Poster being presented at the HPA Conference on the 11th-12th September this year.  The conference is based at my own University – Warwick – which is brilliant as it cuts down on any travel costs, and also adds an extra layer of pride to my work, I am really excited to think of so many other interesting topics of research being discussed right here. 

I have a busy summer to get through first, with data collection, organisation and analysis really underway now – so the plan is by the time this Conference comes around I should have some preliminary findings to discuss, even if just in a raw state.  Exciting times…..

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Warwick Castle seen from St Mary's Church in W...

Warwick Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 This week, albeit only 3 working days, has been something of a struggle.  After a couple of great weeks where the research really felt to be gathering momentum this week has definitely felt somewhat sluggish in comparison.  I think I’m going to be terribly British and mumble something about the weather, realise I probably had one too many Jubilee cupcakes over the holiday, and focus on a very busy next week – including Interviews, Observations, and an IDH team photo.  It’ll be interesting, challenging, and never boring, that at least I know in advance!

Before then I shall be literally taking on an uphill challenge, running from one glorious castle to another, in the annual Two Castles 10k run on Sunday.  I may be alone in being thankful we’re not enjoying a flaming June at present….!!

Kenilworth Castle, whence besieged followers o...

Kenilworth Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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 Had a great time at the University of Warwick Postgraduate Poster event this week, managed to get lots of people thinking – and talking – about Hand Hygiene,  which is always good fun.  A brilliant image of a hand contaminated with C.diff spores seems to do the trick nicely….

Presenting Research Poster at PGR event May 2012


Thanks to fellow Ph.D. researcher SJ for being the official WMG photographer for the day!


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