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Feet up day!

Completed Run Liverpool yesterday – my first Marathon (not yet committed to saying my ‘only’ Marathon…..), to complete an amazing 3 weeks of firsts; first ‘away’ conference (IPS 2012) and first International conference (IFIC 2012).  Throw in first solo journey on a plane, first visit to London Heathrow and first flight at all since 2003, and it’s fair to say it has been quite a monumental time for me…!

So now, I am having a quiet day, nursing a few sore patches from yesterday, and following up a whole host of leads and notes from my time away.  First was to update my Twitter to include new people to follow based on people I met, people I have been made aware of – and now it is time to send out copies of my Poster to people who have emailed requests, as even though I took folders full of hand-outs, they still ran out. Good times!

Later I’ll upload the poster here, and upload some photos from Zagreb – but as that involves moving to get some cables, I think I’ll have to wait a little while.  An ice pack is currently delicately balanced……

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Today was my first day attending sessions at IFIC 2012 – yesterday being spent registering, having a tour of Zagreb, and attending the Opening Ceremony and welcome reception.

There is far too much to cover right now (and my scrawl may take a while to decipher) but it is immediately clear that attending this Conference has been hugely important for my research – both in terms of content, and also in terms of the potential sources of support, inspiration and future direction.  I have written lots of ‘notes for home’, which will help me remember all the thoughts buzzing through my mind, and hopefully help me turn them into actions over the next few months.

Today I concentrated on Hand Hygiene ( surprise!), but through a wider lens than I perhaps would usually focus – thus the sessions covered work on an international scene, in environments outside the acute setting, and often in settings with dramatically fewer resources than I am used to interacting with.  However, a strong theme of the importance of Hand Hygiene was never far from the surface, alongside a continual mention/nod towards the WHO 5 Moments – an ever-increasing integral part of my thesis.

I will cover more on the sessions when I get back to the UK; just to note that I had a great moment of excitement this afternoon when I got to attend a session featuring two highly prominent figures in the field – Benedetta Allegranzi and Sally Bloomfield.  There is a moment when you (I….?!) have to fight hard not to revert to an awe-struck teenager….  Tomorrow I’m going to have to do the same; as it’s the turn of the UK IPS representatives to present, and as their work is about Audit and Surveillance, they are something of a big deal for me…!

Today was also the day of attending my Poster; a great opportunity to speak with people interested/intrigued by the Poster presented, a chance to elaborate, debate and defend the ideas I’m working on.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, there was much more discussion than I expected, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive and interested comments I received, and it was especially interesting to hear stories and experiences from all around the World; some very familiar, and some so very different. Lovely to see that the WHO 5 Moments were recognised by everyone though, regardless of background.

Now I need to continue to look towards the future though; this experience is definitely helping me formulate further the research I want to carry out, but I still need the guidance and support of those in the field to clarify, mould, direct and confirm that the plans are in the right vein; it is essential that we build upon the foundation already established, thus I want to make sure that any research I go on to do in a Post-Doc capacity is what is needed, wanted and welcomed…..

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Very quick post, to happily announce that I have safely made it to Zagreb for the IFIC12 Conference, where I will be attending my Poster Why do you wash your hands? Does the solution to hand hygiene compliance lie in understanding different types of hand hygiene behaviour – inherent and elective?’  

If you are attending this years Congress please feel free to view my Poster throughout the event, and pop by and say hello during the attended session on Thursday lunchtime.

Attached to this post is a copy of the Poster from IPS2012, which I have finally got round to uploading.  I shall do the same with the IFIC12 one when I return to the UK. And have run a Marathon. But more on that later in the week….

IPS Poster: Exploring Human Behaviour and Technology in NHS Hand Hygiene Auditing    (or as I see it, a whistle-stop tour of my PhD to date….).

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