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Whilst I write-up notes for my background chapter, I am also planning my proposed Post-Doc work (Where Next…?) which will focus, along with looking at how we move forwards with assessing Electronic Monitoring for Hand Hygiene, on how we could use Human Behaviour to (better?) engage Healthcare Professionals with the WHO 5 Moments.

I gave my first talk touching on this topic last week (at the NHS Acute setting where I have been carrying out my work, at their IPCT Study Day), and it felt great to be gradually putting thoughts into actions, even if it was just discussing them.  I had some great chats at the breaks during the day, and some really interesting points of view to go away and think about – building further on the feedback I’d taken away from HPA,  IPS and IFIC earlier in Autumn (work can be seen here).

Very excited now about pulling together a couple of papers on this topic, to get the ball rolling.  The PhD clock is ticking, so writing there has to come first, but happily there is natural synergy between the two.  Also hoping to carry out Study 3 over these winter months, so will have empirical data to add weight to the material by the spring.  Will keep updating…

NB: Yesterday we had the IDH Conference during which I had a really interesting chat with a fellow delegate about the importance of not developing technology in isolation, always remembering that the Patient/Healthcare Professional must be able to understand innovations, use them and benefit from them…. Great to hear someone outside ‘my’ field saying the same things back to me – without prompting I must add!

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Finally uploading the link to my IFIC Poster  – things have been a bit hectic since my last post, and whilst things are still very much ‘potentially interesting’ they are also very much intense!  Here I’ve split the week up into 3 chunks, the Successes, the Highs and the Lows (not too gloomy though!)….and then finish on my lingering issue of Where Next…..


This week I completed the final interview sessions for Study 1/2 – whilst it is tempting to continue collecting data along these themes, as it is enjoyable meeting new members of staff and discussing Hand Hygiene experiences and views on what could be done differently, the key (or one of them!) to successful qualitative research lies in knowing when to stop.  The legendary ‘Saturation Point’, whereby no new themes emerge from the data, is hard to categorically locate – there is always the fear that the next interview may provide something different…but you have to use your instinct, and also respect the time and resources available.

So after 6 months of data collection, using a mixture of deductive and inductive analysis, I am now confident that I can defend the process used to explore the phenomenon, and also the decision to stop at this stage.  Whilst every individual has unique experiences to share, due to differences in perceptions, memories and the very nature of life opportunities, the general themes now emerging are beginning to converge.  Thus I used the final group interview session to clarify issues I was still partially unclear on, and also to confirm some general themes that had emerged so far.  I now look forward to analysing the whole data set using the coding matrix established previously, and seeing the themes that fully emerge….


 This week I also had fun with a supplementary activity – comparing the emergent themes from my research with those which were raised during a live TwitterChat hosted by @WeNurses (see here for article). It was really interesting and encouraging to see so many other Healthcare Professionals raise the same themes as we have found at our case study site – issues such as the impact of Role Models, Habitual Hand Hygiene and the Challenges of Compliance.  It shows that the research is both relevant, and necessary!

Lows – but not all negative

This week I also said a sad goodbye to my Academic Supervisor, who has left WMG and Warwick to take up a new post as Leadership
Chair in eHealth Research at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (University of Leeds).  I have so much to thank Jeremy for, as even though I have only worked with him for 18 months, he has been instrumental in moulding my research into the project it is today, and helping me build both my skills and confidence as an early career researcher.  He has also shown a genuine interest in the topic area, despite it not being directly linked to any current research he is involved in, and thus it has taken additional time and resource for him to work on my PhD project – a fact he has never once complained about.  I cannot thank him enough for all his help and encouragement, and am delighted that we will be keeping in close contact as we both face our new future challenges.

It’s not all sad though – at our last meeting I was able to share with Jeremy my ideas for future research, and things looked good – I am very enthusiastic about his feedback and own enthusiasm.  The ‘Where Next’ question looms larger by the day then – questions such as ‘Is anyone else researching Hand Hygiene?‘, ‘Where?’, ‘In what context?‘…..

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