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A rather “off topic” post now, but one which has links to my work by the very nature that it is about a theme which is so linked in with my progress as to be impossible to disregard.  Last week it was Migraine Awareness Week, and as those who follow my Twitter account will now know, I suffer from Migraines.

I use the word “suffer” quite deliberately, as whilst I may also “get” headaches,  to me a Migraine is quite different, and is both debilitating and an event to be endured – quite often rendering me immobile and somewhat useless to the world around.  Hence I do tend to get rather annoyed at images such as the two below, used to illustrate articles on “Migraine”, where the model looks to me mildly irritated at best….


I think I am much more of the “may-not-now-move-for-an-indefinite-time” pose (below),

usually with my hand trying to push my brain back into my skull via an eye socket.

Yes, it is fun times indeed…  I have only been experiencing Migraines for about 6 years, having developed a Classical type (with aura) in 2006, quite suddenly and dramatically with a Hemiplegic Migraine phase, and now have quite a complex case history which features peaks and troughs of recovery/relapse, and rather a lot of treatment regimes.

Thus I wanted to add a post today to raise the awareness of the fact that Migraine is “not just a headache” – until this is clear in the minds of all then both treatment and understanding will be patchy at best, poor at worst.  I spoke with someone earlier this week at HPA2012 about this very topic, and we agreed it was worth trying to highlight this distinction as often as possible…so here we go….

I have been very lucky, being surrounded by very supportive family, co-workers, peers and two very good doctors who have worked hard to try to develop new treatment plans.  I know this is not always the case, and thus acknowledge that I am fortunate.  

The Migraine Trust explain the phases of a Migraine “event” well here – especially good to note that there is a Recovery “phase”; this is often one of the hardest things for me to deal with, because once the acute pain is gone I feel infinitely better, yet still like I have been hit by a truck, and this can last for a number of days. I find this hugely frustrating, because it is only time that can help restore full fitness, and when deadlines and other pressures are looming, this is the one resource we all could do with more of….

As I continue with my research into Hand Hygiene I will also be working, then, in the background on looking into ways to deal with sudden, unexpected, unexplained and unwelcome interruptions – and I am always interested in looking at new potential solutions. But most importantly, we need to make sure people understand that a Migraine is not just a headache – not even a “bad” headache…!

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