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So it snowed…..!!

Yes, a few days into my Observational Study investigating the effect of Human Behaviour on Hand Hygiene (see here for more details) and it snowed.

And not just a dusting – for those of you out of the Country and thus perhaps oblivious to the recent wall-to-wall media coverage of the weather (including an impromptu BBC News Special on Friday…), there was more than enough snow this time to cause the usual mixture of traffic chaos, school closures, snowball frenzies and high-speed sledging. Plus the annual addition of ‘treacherous’ into every headline.

For me, this snow resulted in 2 key things. 

Firstly, the weekend was thus filled with some epic outdoor activities, with the snow on both Friday and Sunday making everywhere very still and beautiful, especially for a warming walk along the local canal on Sunday morning….


Secondly, after more snow overnight, it meant that today (Monday) I had to ‘pause’ collecting data until later in the week – as the cars here….they were going nowhere!  An optimistic first attempt at movement early this morning was abandoned, which was probably for the best bearing in mind reports overnight of blocked roads surrounding our area – however not to be defeated a pre-lunchtime walk to the shop has resulted in the purchase of a Snow Shovel….   Granted the snow has had one last bite back, and the handle is now snapped in half…but the cars can now be seen properly, and later today the test of the snow/ice/slope/traction will commence.  Research will always occur, despite of the conditions….


Help digging my car out….

Car 2

White car in snow….


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