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Yesterday, 10th January, I passed a big landmark in my research, when I finished the final stage of the interview transcriptions for Study 1 and 2.  It feels great!

This process has involved a number of stages, initial recordings of the first wave of interviews, which were then transcribed verbatim to form a Coding Schedule, and then further cycles of new interviews being recorded and transcribed, new themes being discovered, further interviews, further transcriptions, and then revisiting the earlier scripts to re-code based on new emergent themes.  Yesterday I added the final 2 interviews to the ‘pool’, and so can now begin the final full sweep of analysis, using both the initial Deductive and then emergent Inductive Coding Schedules which have been developed as the research has evolved – and I have to say it is very exciting… 

Having personally conducted and transcribed all 18 Interview sessions (including 3 group interview sessions), I feel like I ‘know’ the data well, however it will be good to see it as a whole, to see which themes emerge as ‘strong’ across more Participants, and which appear to come from individuals, and of course, to see if there is a difference based on which area the Participants come from.

I start Study 3 next week, which is partially based on the existing major themes to have emerged from the earlier analysis of this data, so it will be very useful to have it so fresh in my mind when I am back on the wards come Tuesday….

Will keep you posted – and full results will be available by June 2013 – submission time!!!

Getting there...!

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English: Shiso on spaghetti

Supervisors – a lifeline in the Spaghetti bowl….

I have just this moment written up the last of my Interview transcriptions, taking the total pages of commentary to well over 100, added to another 20 or so pages of Observation notes… It feels like we’re only just starting, yet already well into some fascinating topics.

Collecting more data tomorrow (a rather early start looms for me…) and then next week I have put aside for reflection, then analysis of what has already been done.  This will involve a review with my Academic Supervisor on Monday – always a positive experience, as doing a PhD can sometimes be akin to swimming/drowning in a vat of spaghetti, many threads, and a hard struggle to retain sight of both start and end points… – and then back to Inductive/Deductive Thematic Coding for the rest of the week.

Some interesting technologies regarding Hand Hygiene have also been surfacing recently – thanks to some interesting tweets from @MRSAActionUK and @SafetyInstitute – however I am still unsure as to how such innovations link to achieving compliance monitoring, measurement and feedback at the WHO 5 Moments.  Thus, the research continues………


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