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My Poster in the Sunshine (2nd left)

I had a great time yesterday, sharing my PhD research with over 70 other researchers at the 2012 Vitae Midlands Hub Poster Competition, held at The_Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry.  We managed to have the event on the (seemingly) only sunny day this month so far, and the venue was superb (see photos, taken from the lovely people at Warwickrssp!) – great space for all the Posters, an interesting taster session re: The Engaging Researcher, and time to visit the various exhibitions within the Gallery and the historic Cathedral opposite.  Delightfully there was also tea and cake. Twice. Need I say more….?

Speaking about my research was certainly an enjoyable experience, it is a strangely unusual chance to be able to share your work with ‘new’ audiences; often in research you speak with people in your own field, either experts you are asking for advice, participants you are engaging with during research, or peers you are sharing research experiences with.

New Audiences

At events such as this one, the audiences are hugely varied, I spoke with people with backgrounds in Biology, NHS administration, high-end Manufacturing, Retail, Catering and Rail Networks on the Island of Sodor. Admittedly the last person was 3 and highly knowledgeable on Thomas the Tank Engine; but as was pointed out earlier in the day, if you can explain your research to the under 9s, then you should have no problem explaining it to anyone else.This is a conversation I had earlier in the week with my own on-call Young Expert (5), when I told them what I was up to later in the week.

Young Expert: Why does that hand look funny?

Me: Because it needs washing.  Do you wash your hands?

Ye: Mmmm. Sometimes. When they’re muddy.

Me: That’s great. And does Mummy tell you to wash your hands lots of times? Even when they’re not muddy…?

YE: Mmm.

Me: Well that’s what I’m doing. I’m seeing when people need to be told to wash their hands, even when they’re not muddy!

YE: By Mummies…? 

Me: Well….maybe not by Mummies. They’re probably quite busy. But we’ll think of something, won’t we…?

YE: Robot Mummies!

So there you have it…out of the mouths of the young. Keep an eye out for Robot Mummies, coming to a Hospital near you…! 

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