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On Wednesday I have my second Thesis Writing Group session – for which I have been preparing my ‘Background Section’…which currently goes like this…:

  • Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) – An Evolving Definition
  • Prevalence and Burden of HCAI
  • Contributory Factors to HCAI
  • Strategies to Counter HCAI
  • Thesis Overview

…with writing under the headings, I should add…. 😉

What I have tried to do is give a background to why someone would spend 4 years researching Hand Hygiene – and hopefully the content of this section will provide the groundwork to this argument, by introducing the reader to the all too pressing issue of HCAI, and bringing the focus towards the fundamental role that Hand Hygiene plays in both the Prevention and Control of such infections.

As many, if not all, fellow PhD students will have found at some point or other I’m sure – I have been battling the standard ‘stumbling’ issue of not being able to allow myself to write, for fear of it not being any good… I think we are all so used to talking about our research, discussing it, defending it, debating it – that sitting somewhere quiet and just being responsible for writing about it unchallenged is actually quite daunting…that’s when the real doubt starts to creep in….   And the best advice I keep on being given (and really, really have to listen to on a loop!!) is just write something!!! 

So that’s what I’ve done now – I’ve put pen to paper (quite literally most of the time, I do like the old-fashioned way to kick-start a writing session…), and churned out Draft 1.  And I’m not precious about it.  I’m quite sure that most, if not all, of what I’ve produced (about 4,000 words) for this draft won’t appear in the final version.  But that is fine – because now I’ve got something, I can start to get it out there for feedback, and that’s huge.

Now, it’s on to the Literature Review – a 3 parter of Hand Hygiene, Auditing, and Hand Hygiene Technologies….  Perhaps not Waterstone’s Number 1 Christmas Trilogy, but I promise, it all makes sense….  Will keep you updated 🙂

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