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This shows three buildings on the University o...

IMC Building, WMG (far left) - the location of my Campus Office

A key driver behind setting up this blog has been an excellent scheme run by The University of Warwick specifically for Research Staff and Students, like me. 

The 10 week online course – entitled ’23 Things for the Digital Professional’ – promises to introduce a whole range of tools and techniques that are highly likely to be of both immediate and future benefit.  For me such a course is perfect, as whilst I have worked in both academic and industrial settings, neither have really involved much interaction with specific online tools – and as I do not work solely in one place the online aspect especially suits my circumstances.

Apart from setting up a blog (Thing 1!) the next few weeks should see many new aspects being explored – and brief evaluations of each experience will be added here; along with other posts and material directly related to my research topic.  Setting up this blog was much easier than I expected, with clear pro’s and con’s given to aid selection of a suitable platform, and I am therefore hopeful that ‘Thing 2’ – using SlideShare – will follow the same simple theme.  I am hopeful that by using the tools and knowledge gained through this course I will be able to both reach, and interact with a far greater community than that allowed through more traditional academic knowledge-share routes such as journals and conferences.

Perhaps even more importantly I trust that by Christmas I will finally be able to follow the conversations of my more technology-savvy friends and peers..!

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