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Have just had to make my first cancellation with a participant since my research began, and naturally feel dreadful.  On a scale of dreadful so great that I’m thinking that even cake isn’t going to cut it today…  Combine this psychological feeling with physical pain, and you’ll gather that today finds me in a ‘bad place’.  For comparison, perhaps imagine an IKEA checkout on the first day of the Sale, full of fraught couples, bored children, hyper-active under-5s, and a flat-pack box wedged in the till space…. No, your pastry and free coffee temptation isn’t going to calm me today my yellow t-shirted friends…

Anyway, so yes, today I am supposed to be collecting data on site, but yesterday, in a rather daring move, I decided to try to knuckle down to understanding a new area of my work – trying to add a quantitative element to the research.  Thanks to a brilliant co-researcher at the IDL I am now looking at performing a new level of analysis on my Inherent/Elective categorisation, namely a MANOVA.   Whilst the bulk of my work in my first degree (BSc Psychology) was quantitative, it has been many years since I flicked on the computer and turned to SPSS, so statistical analysis as a whole is like revisiting Narnia – strangely familiar yet most definitely not yet commonplace.  I have been using the great work of Andy Field as guide/lamppost to keep me secure during my re-awakening adventure through statistical analysis, and this is really how the mishap of yesterday occurred….

Having presented to the IDH team at lunchtime, I went straight off to the library to review some of the issues raise, turning to Andy Field’s ‘Discovering Statistics Using SPSS’ text book.

 Brilliant.     Cover of "Discovering Statistics Using SP...

However, when it was time to go, in my rush to get out and make the most of the elusive dry/sunshine I forgot how much he had packed into one book, and flung my book bag over my shoulder….and calamity…!  Searing pain across the shoulder-blade.  Not good.  Being a sneaky pain it did go after some rather entertaining breathing exercises and stretching (in public…!), but this morning it has returned to show me who is boss, and thus I am now somewhat incapacitated.  Have taken the recommended tablets, and now am sitting in a position that is reasonably comfy, to the point that I have about 1cm tolerance either way…  Loving all things wireless, laptop and mobile right now. Not loving kettles, fridges and basically the real world – how dare it be so demanding?!

Have everything crossed that this pain goes quickly, as have another meeting scheduled at UHCW tomorrow, plus a meeting at IDH.  Also, running – something I’ve not managed to do for a week now, and with a rather long run planned on Saturday am starting to get a little concerned about….

Anyhow, on the bright side, the temporary incapacitation does give me an opportunity to catch up on coding the already collected data, so as ever, there are always things to do…  And this chair is exceptionally comfy. From IKEA. Naturally….

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