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Feet up day!

Completed Run Liverpool yesterday – my first Marathon (not yet committed to saying my ‘only’ Marathon…..), to complete an amazing 3 weeks of firsts; first ‘away’ conference (IPS 2012) and first International conference (IFIC 2012).  Throw in first solo journey on a plane, first visit to London Heathrow and first flight at all since 2003, and it’s fair to say it has been quite a monumental time for me…!

So now, I am having a quiet day, nursing a few sore patches from yesterday, and following up a whole host of leads and notes from my time away.  First was to update my Twitter to include new people to follow based on people I met, people I have been made aware of – and now it is time to send out copies of my Poster to people who have emailed requests, as even though I took folders full of hand-outs, they still ran out. Good times!

Later I’ll upload the poster here, and upload some photos from Zagreb – but as that involves moving to get some cables, I think I’ll have to wait a little while.  An ice pack is currently delicately balanced……

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