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Circumaural headphones have large pads that su...

Podcasting...and an extra way to keep the ears warm this winter. (Image via Wikipedia)

To finish the week neatly I quickly looked up “Thing 5” of the “Digital Professional” course, and found it to be about Podcasting; something which I admit to knowing far less about than I perhaps should.

However, in less than 15 minutes (about 10 of which were spent convincing my Laptop it did want to update iTunes, even though it was indeed late on a Friday afternoon…) I have managed to locate, download and subscribe to some excellent and free podcasts – including some from publications such as The Lancet Infectious Diseases, resources I have been using for traditional written source material without realising how easy it was to access relevant alternative material.

I see this being a regular port of call now…headphones are being dusted off….

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