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My last post, just over two weeks ago, marked a low point in the research project – where a ‘Buckaroo Moment’ was dangerously close due to a myriad of issues cropping up in close succession.  Today marks my first day back after a well needed fortnight away from all things research, and thus I am happy to report the donkey has all four hooves firmly on terra firma this morning. So far, so good…

Whilst I may have been away from the active research for 2 weeks, it would be wrong to say that my thoughts have not turned to the project during this time.  However, both the geographical and time distance away from the work has allowed for a period of reflection, a time to stand still (literally…on rocks, on a beach, on a hill watching the sea….) and try to unpick some of the ‘knot’ that seems to have occurred within the work.  Prior to my holiday this knot felt very much like an impenetrable mass, with no discernible way past.  Now, with my mind and body rested I understand that, in the words of the Bear Hunt – if you can’t get round it, and you can’t get over it, then you just have to go through it. So that’s what I’m about to start doing….

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