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Taking a quick break from transcribing my last interview from Phase 1 of the research, it feels good to be making solid plans for Phase 2 (Can you join in?) by adding a new page on the menu bar-(UHCW Staff?….) although there is still quite a bit of work to do on Phase 1; the data may be collected, but the analysis is still on-going…!

Phase 2 (July-August) will see members of Staff from all over the Trust, being sought to share their views and experiences of the Hand Hygiene Audit process, Hand Hygiene Measurement, and the potential of Hand Hygiene technologies.  There are many topics that have come up already, so it will be interesting to see if any new ones are still to surface, or if there are clear distinctions between roles in the Audit process and views on how it works….  Time will tell!

Early results and feedback will start to come out in September, firstly at the HPA Conference and then hopefully at the IPS Conference  in October.

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