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So much has changed since my last post (which mainly explains my absence in this realm..!) that it would take too long to list everything – brief highlights follow:

1: I’ve changed the way my Research is orientated (see here).

Why?  Well, simply I had reached a cross-roads in the research process, whereby I had to really consider and clarify exactly what overall aim the research had – there was an increasing danger that I could have ended up producing lots of interesting “data”, but no new “knowledge” – a Ph.D. student’s nightmare!

SO – following the advice of my Supervisor (Professor Jeremy Wyatt of the Institute of Digital Health) I produced an “End-To-End” plan, which was created by working backwards from the overall goal (the Research Question) and feeding in where the various parts of the planned research would add data to enable this objective to be reached, and ultimately argued. You can see the end product here

2: I presented the culmination of this re-planning, and an overview of the Research Project so far at a WMG Research Seminar on the 28th January 2012.  The presentation Methods for Clarifying Requirements for Technology to Improve Hand Hygiene Adherence in Hospitalswas well received, and gave peers and the wider audience a real insight into the future plans for this research. A copy of this presentation will (hopefully) be uploaded shortly.

3: I now have full NRES and UHCW (NHS Research Site) Ethical Approval, and thus will begin the process of Participant Recruitment during this month.  Expect further updates on this topic shortly….


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