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clutterCurrently sitting surrounded by a bizarre mix of Christmas cards, Thesis Notes, Methodology Journal papers, empty tea cups, random stray pine needles and an array of pens – some of which work, and too many of which don’t, yet never seem to get thrown away…  I guess we could conclude that I could do with a little organisation in my stocking this year…

As this is probably the last post of 2012 I thought I’d try to write a list of highlights, and things to do…because everyone likes lists, and it is such a seasonal activity.  But the problem is, I seem to spend such a lot of time making lists. Weekly lists. To Do Lists. Future Lists. Follow Up Lists. Thesis Plan Lists. Chapter Lists. Email Lists. You name it, I’ve probably got a list about it.  I have no problem doing lists. I seem to have a problem, however, with translating lists into actions…

So, instead of lists, I have simply got 2 bullet points for this post.

  1. Next year I will be submitting my PhD.
  2. Over the Christmas Break I have to decide, for good, whether my area – Hand Hygiene – has the potential for further in-depth research.

Number 1 is pretty much a given, it has to happen.  Number 2, though….I really could do with some ‘answers on a postcard’….!  I know what my answer is, I know where my results (so far) seem to point….

Will update in the New Year, and also post about Study 3 – with data collection due to begin mid-January.

Have a wonderful Christmas all – and thank you to everyone who has emailed or Tweeted (@CHD05) support and advice – much appreciated!!!



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