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  Some weekends are just golden, and it has to be said the one just passed can definitely be classed as such an example.  After a rather difficult few days with work, with research hitches seeming to come from all sides, expected and unexpected, it was wonderful to wrap Friday up on a positive – including a great email conversation with a dedicated Infection Control champion – and then delve into a weekend of indulgence.  And cake.  Amazing cake.

I managed to talk about my work and gradually developing future plans with a dear friend on Friday evening, and this helped me clarify in my own head many of the ‘need to do’ stepping stones that make up my chosen path.  Sometimes it really helps to talk to someone outside the bubble of academia, because they ask the questions you forget to ask yourself.

Saturday and Sunday were all about relaxing and recharging, and I was very fortunate to find the best of the sunshine to enjoy the beautiful grounds at Burghley, indulge in lunch at the Orangery, then join the rest of the country (so it seemed!) in watching the Olympic triumphs in the evening.  It is wonderful to see how the country can embrace hard work, dedication and team work – and how humble all the athletes are when interviewed, continually thanking other people. After a week of seeming like I have constantly needed other people’s support in my own work, it has been good to see that even these high achievers have a support network they continue to turn to.

Oh, and on Sunday I had a birthday.  Did I mention there was cake?

My main objective this week is to complete my transcriptions, and by the end of the week have Phase 2 fully mapped out for the end of August and September.  This will require me calling again on those around me who have continued to support me throughout this process, but I feel that together we can keep the project moving forwards, and the more I listen to the interviews already collected, the more I am motivated to ensure we take this work somewhere….

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