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Short list-orientated blog today, the week has been a bit of a mixed bag, and I don’t want to dwell on the ups and downs too much. 

This type of mixed bag I can handle...!

This type of mixed bag I can handle…!


Instead, here are the things that have made my highlights list in the last fortnight….

 1. Huge excitement over 1st publication appearing in print by fellow University of Warwick researcher, and recent PhD graduate Dr Jamie Mackrill – “Sound source information to improve cardiothoracic patients’ comfort“.  Another paper in the pipeline, great encouragement to see someone go from PhD student to Research Fellow and published author in the same time frame as you, gives me inspiration that it must really be possible….

2. Women In Science 2013 #WISAnEveningWith – had a very interesting evening on the 27th March, our guest speakers Dr Vita Majce and Professor Frances Ashcroft (see here for brief biographies) gave informative, entertaining and inspiring talks to a very varied audience,  followed by a lively discussion and networking session over cheese and wine. Planning for September’s WIS 2013 symposium is already underway and should build upon this very positive foundation…

3. Very happy to have been invited back by UHCW Infection Prevention and Control to judge another phase of their #GetStoolSmart campaign – a wonderful initiative to get ward staff involved and aware of guidelines surrounding CDiff screening and protocols. A lovely treat to be able to be involved in handing out “Smarties for Smarties”, generating a buzz amongst hard working staff – and great for IPCT to be able to be spreading good news and smiles, as I’m sure often they can feel a bit like harbingers of doom…!*

4. Twitter continues to provide many jolts of encouragement as I plough through the Thesis write-up, not least being mentioned in the same sentence as the legendary Professor Didier Pittet….unbelievable. Thank you Claire! Had to have a strong cup of tea after that! 

5. Having a Hollywood victory.  Lashings of butter. Enough said. (photo to come!)

Next week I will be working on two presentations, one for the WMG Doctoral Conference (29th April) and the other for the IPS Ambulance Forum in conjunction with Audit and Surveillance Forum (9th May) – a more detailed blog should appear during that time…

*Which they're not - as established on Twitter over Easter, I've decided my IPCT are rather like bunnies - hence this picture is dedicated to them!

*Which they’re not – as established on Twitter over Easter, I’ve decided my IPCT are rather like bunnies – hence this picture is dedicated to them!

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